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Quotes The first time I made an appointment for a Reiki treatment I was very curious about it and did not know what to expect. As I lay there on the table I was feeling a little bit skeptical, a little bit excited and hopeful; wondering at the same time if I would be disappointed. I have had a lot of head and facial trauma which has caused me a LOT of pain and discomfort - soon I began to notice a strange sensation in my face. It's very hard to describe, it almost felt as if the cells beneath my skin were moving. I began to feel my jaw unclench and the pain and tension release from my face. It was wonderful!!! This releasing of tension seemed to happen down my entire body and wherever there was pain I could almost feel a magnetic pull as if Karen was pulling it right out of my body. That night and in the following weeks, I slept so sound and pain-free - it was amazing. I also felt peaceful and relaxed, not an easy feat in today's world. This experience was so powerful and positive for me that I am now in the process of pursuing my own Master's certificate in Reiki, currently on Level II. Tammy P Quotes

Quotes Thank you Karen for opening up an extraordinary world to me. . It has made me more aware of all things around me and helped to make me a more caring and open person. In all ways Reiki has improved my life and relationships. Thanks again. Melissa Quotes

Quotes When I took Reiki Level I, I have to admit I was kind of skeptical at first, I was curious, I took the course. Well when I walked out of that first class, I was amazed. It completely blew me away. The way that the energy fields work to help heal somebody is phenomenal. I didn?t know that one person could harbor so much negative energy at any given time. I, have even been using it on my dog that had surgery. The Veterinarian had said that it would be months and possibly even up to a year before he would be able to run again. I started the Reiki the day after his surgery and 2 months later he was up and outside running around. The experiences that I have had with Reiki Level I are out of this world. T.May Quotes
T. May

Quotes I have known Karen for many years, and after losing touch for a few of those years, our paths crossed again. Karen has such a positive attitude about life. There is never a day where Karen has a negative attitude about anything. She turns every negative situation into a positive. When I am with Karen, I feel relaxed and at peace, but at the same time she has a great sense of humor and can always put a smile on my face. I know that I can be myself and she doesn't judge me. Quotes
Heather B.